Walleye Charter FAQ

What is a Drift/ Cast Walleye Charter like on Lake Erie?

A slower-paced and hands-on type of Lake Erie Walleye Charter fishing with an abundance of leisure time to enjoy friends, fishing, and the Lake Erie Charter experience.

What is a trolling Charter on Lake Erie like?

Our Trolling techniques as a Lake Erie Walleye Charter includes a multitude of specialized equipment and practices. With inline planer boards as well as larger boat-mounted reels for “big board’s we deploy multiple lines at once. While targeting specific fish marks and different depths with an even wider variety of baits and color patterns. We like Spoons, Cranks, and Worm harnesses depending on the time of year. Your Captain and first mate will work with your crew and have you trolling in a short time. This is a team effort style of Lake Erie Walleye Charter that everyone will be involved in.  

In General terms- What is a Charter trip on Lake Erie Like?

It is a great experience and one worth coming back for- every year! Sharing time on Lake Erie is time well spent. We hope you will allow us to share this great resource with you and your crew.

What should you expect from the Charter operation, Captain & 1st Mate?

First and foremost, we supply you and your crew with a stable and reliable vessel with a small galley and restroom on board. Our Pro-Line 2950 is about 34 ft long pulpit to swim platform and over 10ft wide. The Charter includes use of our rod/ reel combos specifically tuned for casting, drifting, or Trolling depending on your trip choices.

How do we catch Lake Erie Walleye?

Our method is trolling, casting, and drift fishing for Lake Erie Walleye using cranks, harnesses, weight forward spinners and mayfly rigs