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11/14 report

My what a beautiful day on the Western Basin. It was so nice to get back fishing close to home. Warmer, sunny, with just a ripple on the surface. And catching solid Eyes almost non stop.

We fished 10 minutes or less from Mazuricks. We concentrated on the deeper water close to night feeding spots. 40 ft of water or more close to shallows.

We had surface temps in the mid 50s. The fish were hitting throughout the water column, on almost every bait. Best speed was 1.7 doing turns (inside or out). We had several foul hooks. We caught on almost every bait we pulled from 40 to 120 back and on the riggers 30-35 down.

The clear winner was once again Bandit Fruit Dots in deep and shallow models. Whites, Blue Chrome, and Perch were all great colors. P10s on the riggers also produced well.

We had one triple and several doubles. We limited quick so were catch and releasing for most of the afternoon. We had a couple 6s and one 8 we released along with a bunch of under 20s.

It was one of those special days were everything came together.

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