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11/18 report

Sorry for the late report.
I did some fun fishing off S Bass with a friend while Capt. Christy stayed in.

It was a little bumpy to start but the bite was hot and heavy early. The bite slowed way down around mid day and the waves started to build.

We were steadily catching and releasing mid 20s with doubles common. We trolled Bandits 80 to 100 back. All colors caught but Sea Sick Frog was best catching 6. Our best fish was 25.5 inches.

We had this area pretty much to our selves for a couple weeks but it was starting to get moderately crowded as others start working the area. Water temps dropped from 56 to 48 degrees.

We started trolling at 1.8 but had to bump it up to 2.0 as things slowed.

We called it early when the waves started building.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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