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11/5 Heart Breaker report

Our guest wanted to try for a Brawl big fish. Since he was alone we agreed to split any winnings equally to give him more chances than just his 6 fish. We always leave it to the guest, as take all or split.

We fished the same program as yesterday, see 11/4 report.

To make a long story short our 12th fish into the boat was by Capt. Christy and was a 28.75 inch real pig that weighed 9 pounds 14 ounces on the boat scale. I said quick pull the spread and lets get the fish to the scale while still alive in live well to help save a little weight. The guest wanted to keep fishing and was acting a little off. I explained though not a winner the fish could pay something in the Brawl and Slam. He finally sheepishly said he had not entered either but we could keep the winnings. We had to tell him that disqualified the fish.

One lucky big girl got put back to swim again and we called it a day.

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