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12/08/23 Huron Report

I took a buddy of mine with me this morning to troll for walleye out of Huron Public Access. The south dock is still in, and a quick launch got us at fast idle speed heading out and on Erie just as the sun was rising. We headed east to search for some marks, but I soon turned back west and heading out N/NW with the wind and waves from the lighthouse, just like I did 12/06/22. We set up 3 lines on each side, using 3 deep bandits on the left side, and 3 flicker minnow 11’s on the right. Flickers caught the first 2, then bandits started working.

Before we went too far out, we pulled in the offshore boards and lines, ran back in near the wall, set up and trolled out twice more, and just couldn’t get our “mojo” back. So we went back east of the lighthouse until we found some decent marks, and started trolling N/NE with the wind and waves. We changed up some colors and depths, and replaced a flicker with a green and pink Top 20 Rogue with a 2 oz. snap weight. We didn’t spend much time watching the Lowrance, as the bouncing boards required a lot of observation to detect a true walleye hit today. We wrapped things up shortly after 1 p.m. when we had the cooler full of 8 fattys to enjoy a leisurely, bow up high ride back to the launch ramp. You never know how many chances we have left to put fish in the freezer, and today worked out well.

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