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4/20 report

We started where we ended yesterday out near the line north of the bass islands. It was a steady pick. We moved further east closer to Kelly’s so we could troll down wind in the NE rollers.

We found they wanted a little faster speed today. We tried to keep the speed at 1.8 to 2.2 Slower speeds did not produce for us and it was too rough to do much turning. NOTE: all speeds are actual Fishhawk speeds.

We caught 5 on the red headed Bandit, 4 on clown Bandit, 2 on Taco Salad, 2 on a Blue Chrome Bandit I don’t know the name, 4 on Spro Marble Brown, and 2 on a Spro Icy Barbie. Most came on leads 50 to 90 back. We also caught 3 on Gold Super Rogues on the down riggers 17 down.

We had a mix of pre and post spawners. Still mostly all females and in the mid to upper 20 inches. We only had one fish under 20 inches. It took two stout guys to lift the cooler, lol.

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