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4/24 & 4/25

Other than Juls and Tiger I haven’t seen much here lately and because of the wind lately I certainly understand! Catawba was pretty empty the last 2 days. Long story short, it was a bit rough Monday and of course rainy yesterday. My Dad who is 76 and I smacked them good up around North Bass in 34-36 FOW. Many colors worked but the best have had a little chartreuse in them. Purple has been good too. Speed 1.6-1.9. Bandits at 25 to 100 back with about 75 being most active.

One thing to note is that being an idiot yesterday and forgetting my offshores in my truck, I ran back in from North Bass. Being concerned with the pending rain I checked the water just west of Green Island. It looked decent and is clearing up. We got 6 there and then popped back up to North Bass for another relatively quick 6.

Great fish with many 4-6 pounds and nothing under 20.

Tight lines….

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