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4/29 report

The afternoon wind forecast I was hoping for came through. It was a beautiful afternoon on the lake today and the fish cooperated too.

We worked the area near the line NW of Kelly’s. We had 5 in the boat before we could get the entire spread out. We caught 21 and brought the smallest 12 in for the freezer/fryer. We fished from 1:00 to 5:00.

The program that worked was Bandits unassisted 90 to 110 back at 1.2 mph. And the riggers oscillating 25 to 30. We had mostly post spawn females but there were a few males mixed in. It looks like there staging to put on the feed. Hopefully this next blow won’t mess them up. We were fishing slower and deeper than what had been working. There was allot of radio chatter singing the blues and why we adjusted right out.

We had 3 over 27 with one fish Ohio all on a chartreuse/orange Long A. Once again it was oscillating 25 to 30. This was the clear winner and accounted for 6 of our biggest fish. We had 2 on a gold supper rogue on riggers also.

The best Bandit colors was Taco Salad, Orange Crush, Sun Spot, and a Blue with chartreus belly I can’t find the name (I only have one but will pick up a few if I can find them, as it has been a stead producer lately).

I will be land locked until after the next blow. Good luck to everyone going out tomorrow!

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