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4/9 report

We fished North West of Kellys out near the line.

With the full moon we decided to go out for the afternoon bite. Sometimes with a full moon the morning bite is slow but they turn on later in the day. Besides it doesn’t hurt to let the sun warm the water also. So we went out after lunch and fished until 5:00 for a limit of quality eyes.

Our speed was 1.3 to 1.5. Like others reported we had to be doing S turns to trigger bites. They would hit on inside and outside. They could be following and the turn was needed to trigger them, just guessing. Surface temp was 44.7 20 ft down it was 43.2.

The clear winner for baits was the red headed bandit, this is a white bait and we caught the largest number on it. White was the key. We also caught several on the red head and chartreuse head wonder bread bandits. The only non white bandit we caught on was Taco Salad for one fish.

Our 3 biggest fish came on a Blue Chrome Supper Rogue, fished 20 down.

All our fish were pre spawn females. And big. We had one fish Ohio. We caught one and Captain Christy said you think you should measure that it looks small. I said its an easy 17 inches, it turned out to be 19 inches. It just looked small, lol. We finished with one 18″ and one 19″ the rest were all well into their 20s (25 to 28).

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