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5/17 morning report

About a 7.5 mile ride NNE out of Fenwick to 29 fow. A little misty but it was the first time I’ve seen the lake smooth. It was nice to be able to go full speed out and back. Counted 47 boats within sight.
We tried nothing but bandits behind inline planers, 70-120 feet back. Every depth worked. The fish liked all speeds between 1.6 and 2.3. We caught fish while trolling in every direction.
The hot lure early was dark purple with pink stripes and green head. As the sun started to burn through the clouds, the chartreuse back with red throat and white belly did well. Also caught several on a chrome with blue back, as well as copper greasy chicken wing. The black-headed wonderbreads didn’t work at all, nor any of the other spotted patterns.
Biggest was only 22″. We lost a few, threw back a couple shorts, and kept several that were barely legal. Yet I was thrilled to get our boat limit of 18 for my first time ever – and before 2pm.
I don’t know if it’s because planer boards have more drag than a jig, or if it’s because the fish are a little more awake now than in April, but they seemed to put up a little better fight than what I’m used to.
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