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5/19: Anybody do any good between SBI & KI?

Made the mistake of leaving fish to go find fish. Initial stop was just east of Marblehead lighthouse and had great marks but nothing in an hour so we went in search of better spot. Trolled for another hour in 30FOW on the eastern fringes of that big pack of boats between SBI & KI (despite the fish finder showing nothing but a few stragglers hanging out at the bottom). Targeted all levels of water column. Nothing. So did an entire lap around KI, stopping at various points wherever there was a small pack of boats, but the fish finder never showed anything promising. So went back to our original spot east of Marblehead light house and put a quick 6 in the box before we had to call it a day. We were running all our cranks (bandits & FMs) at about 12-15 feet down in 23-27FOW. South to North troll is the only direction that produced, weirdly. Color didnÂ’t matter. Speed 2.2-2.4mph.

My question for the veterans in this community: why was there such a large pack of boats fishing over an area not showing good marks on the fish Finder? We were even right by a head boat. Like I said, we stopped & checked several areas. Is it possible that the fish were super high up in the water column and therefore donÂ’t show up on fish Finder bc they scatter away from the boat shadow? Maybe if we would have went towards the center of the pack we would have started marking fish? Just trying to understand so I can improve my ability to find fishÂ…thanks in advance for any feedback in terms of relying on a pack of boats to locate fish.

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