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5/31/24 Report

It was my first time fishing the islands. We headed north out of Mazurik until we hit 30′ or so. If you haven’t seen Mazurik, it is awesome! Bathrooms with sinks, cleaning station that is all lit up even at 4:30am when no one is around. Nice docks and ramps and parking. I hope it’s free because I didn’t see anywhere to pay.

Anyway, we marked a few fish there between Kelly’s and S. Bass so we put down our lines and trolled north. We were the first ones on the water this morning. Had all 6 lines in before 5am. Could barely see our planer boards. I was excited to get that early start for once. I figured walleye would be jumping onto our lines in the twilight. Not so much.

There were solid marks on the screen, suspended like they were hungry. But they were far and few between, especially compared to what we marked a week ago over by B can. We really didn’t know where to go in this area. As the dawn began to break, some other boats came. The charters all passed by us, going to Middle Island, but we just kept trolling where we started. We were trolling north, though. Eventually, a few boats started fishing around us, figuring we must be there for a reason. No, not really. Sorry, guys!

After a couple hours, we eventually reached the heard of 35 boats up around the Canadian border. We marked fish up there more frequently but they weren’t biting. We had 4 bandits out, and two crawler harnesses. 1 oz weights on the harnesses but bandits unassisted. Tried depths of 70 to 120 back. Tried every color combination, adding more chrome as the sun got higher in the sky. We tried speeds between 1.7 and 2.4. Over the course of the morning we graphed hundreds of solid, suspended fish but they weren’t hungry. I’m sure everyone else limited out by 9am but not us. We called it a day in mid afternoon with only 4 keepers.

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