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5/7 report

After the rain passed through it was an absolutely beautiful day today. I actually got hot for the first time this year without running the boat heater. The lake was flat with just a slight ripple.

We were purposely targeting eaters. So we fished the same program as yesterday but moved even shallower into the 20 foot range. Water temp was 49. The Jacks did not disappoint and we had a limit of nice 16 to 20 inchers. While still cloudy Taco Salad was the best color 110 back. When the sun came out the fish came up and switched to Blue Chrome and anything white 60 to 80 back. The best speed was 1.6.

It is going to be a fantastic week but we needed to schedule some down time to catch up on some things as we are slammed non stop the next two weeks. So we will keep you posted when we get back on the water after Mother’s Day.

Good luck to all and try to share a little on here to help everyone keep catching.

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