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5 days of fishing starting on memorial day

day one memorial day,arrived at little teds around 1230 got boat in water around 130 headed out to north west corner kellys island started in 30 ft water heading northeast started catching around 38 ft water 40jet divers set around 35 to 50 ,dipsey divers set on 2.5 out 40.started catching fish on kickin chickin uv,poo bear chartruse and dirty whiteboy and a bait i made i call miss america which has been killing it for years.i take a scorpion stinger rainbow trout paint the back a kelime color.lights out every year mostly a sunny day out by 430 ,18 2 started where i left off in 40 ft water same baits few diffrent on the ones that werent thing that was most important was speed 2,4 to 2.5 was key.anything under 2.2 nothing over 2.6 out day 2 7 am back by 1030.the farther east bigger the 3 started half way across kellys island north side 45 ft water heading east limited out by noon bigger fish slower bite.another 4 dad an brother showed up now need 30 for limit.started little farther east ended up past the north east kellys school past the green boyes heading east 45 to 49 ft water.same spoons all week got our 30 by 1230 .same thing on friday ony back by 1030 30 fish.dipseys back 50 ,jets back 45.great trip.not many junk big cat few sheephead couple white bass.cant wait till nexr year
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