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Came up Friday afternoon. Started about 5:00 pm. Fished between rattlesnake, and middle bass pulling harnesses target speed was 2mph. The wind however made a constant speed unattainable. The bite was actually pretty good, but lots of shorts. Sheep, and cats mixed in to keep me busy. The wind forced me off the water by 8:00pm ended up with 4 keepers all 16-18 nothing big.

Saturday I was waiting for the wind to die down, so I didn’t get out till 10:30. Fought wind, and waves all day. Stated same spot as yesterday. Water was horrible with the blow. Fish finder was almost useless with everything suspended in the water. Looked like a full screen bait ball! Tried everything. Harnesses, spoons, cranks. Moved all over, but still nothing. Finally moved the east point of middle bass. Not comfortable when I got there with the north wind, and running east to west along the shoal. Around 5:00 the wind was down, the lake laid down, and the fish turned on. Btw much cleaner water over there. Back to harness. I had not put anything in the box by 4:00pm. 4:00-6:00 got a limit of better fish 18-22 with one barely legal that swallowed. A bunch of shorts. A couple farm, and cat. Also caught my best walleye of the season! I had to squeeze the tail a bit, but got across the 29” line. He got to swim another day. Heading out now Sunday morning. Might be a short day. Weather buoy showing bigger waves than yesterday, but supposed to calm down until noon then pick back up.

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