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6/17 report

Well we made it back from the mountains. Beautiful but snow in the middle of June is a bit much.

We got off to a slow start. One of the two guests had to last minute cancel due to a family emergency. I offered to reschedule but Tom wanted to fish. We met up at Mazurek’s at noon. What a mess. The weekend warriors out did them selves. All four ramps were blocked by boats because only one person could back trailer and the others did not know how to run the boat. Meanwhile a go fast boat wanted to launch but he blocked the lane so the other boat trailers could not pick up their boats. Nothing was moving. I suggested to the go fast if he would pull up so the others could get there boats he would be able to launch. Go figure, he got shitty about how he knew how to use a ramp. But he did pull up and we finally got into the water, with about a 20 minute delay.

This was our first day back on the water and the Mayfly reports had me concerned. We had a few at the house but not bad, but I know what the hatch can do to the bite. So I headed East and set up on the line North of Cedar Point and worked South East.

We were marking fish deep. We set up 3 Bandits on both sides from 60 to 120 back and put down two scorpion spoons on the riggers at 35 down. The riggers started producing right away and nothing on the Bandits. We swapped 3 Bandits on the Stbd. side for TruTrip 40s. We ran the 100 back with a mix of scorpios and Stinger spoons.

We only caught one eye on a Bandit 120 back unassisted. The spoons caught non stop. But we were getting 5 shorts to every keeper. It was non stop checking for small fish. We had 8 nice eaters in the cooler (low 20 inchers) when the Black Flys came in with a vengeance. Tom would not use our spray because he is opposed to Deet. Me, I love Deet, lol. He shortly decided he wanted to go in.

It wasn’t a great day and allot of work for a 8 keepers.

I’m off tomorrow for Fathers Day.

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