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6/2 Report

We did what we try to never do. We ran 2 trips today. Our weekend trip needed to be rescheduled due to the coming wind but he was already here so we made it work.

This morning we went out at 7:00 with 3 guests from Tennessee. We went where we finished yesterday West of the Islands in 32 feet of water. We trolled at 2.5 mph pulling Bandits on port and spros on Stbd, both unassisted. The Bandits were 100 back and Spros 80. The best colors were anything with green. Sea sick frog both the white and chrome version produced well along with Parrot Head, green clown, and Gold Perch.

The downriggers were 17 to 24 down running Perch Stingers. The largest fish came on the downriggers.

We caught their 18 and was back by noon.

The second trip was with a guest from southern Ohio. We left the dock at 4:00 and was back at 9:00 with another 18. His and our limits. We ran the same program as earlier at the same place.

We were having trouble with sheep and why the faster speed. It reduced the sheep a little but they were still a nuisance.

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