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6/21 heating up

Took the first ferry to middle bass at 9:15 huge amount of boats over by the firing range. Packed up like they were perching. I ran back out to east point of middle bass. Started fishing at 11:30. First hour was on fire. Pulling crawler harness with 2oz snaps 40-55’ back of the boards. First pass caught several eyes 15-22, and a couple shorts. Kept 3 17-22 tossed the rest. Tons of farm, and a couple cats. Fish shut down by 12:30. Went over to perch for a bit. Caught a few. Kept 2 over 10. Went back in until 7:00. Finished out my limit pretty quick + more farm, and cats. I will start in the triangle tomorrow morning. Supposed to be an early start tomorrow as per the lunar charts. I will be on the lake at 4:30 fish should start around 5:00. Good luck, and tight lines to everyone going out tomorrow!
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