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6/28 report

It was a tough bite for us today. The bright side was we got to fish with a super Father Son team.

We started North East of Kelly’s but the wind and Nets prevented us from working that area the way we needed to. So I moved North East down the line but could not find good marks. So we pulled spread again and headed South East to a reliable spot, but not this time. So another move burning gas and time with little to show. We finally found good marks East of Huron and started to catch. Shorts and keepers mixed. We finally caught 10 nice keepers before calling it a day.

We ran Bandits port at 60. 80. 100, and 120 back. Each lead caught but not many. The rigger caught down 30 on a Nascar colored Scorpion spoon.

Starboard we ran 40 TruTrips with Stinger spoons and they accounted for most of the fish – short and keepers. Best colors were Perch, Nascar, and Chicken Wing.

Speed was 2.5 over 40ft.

NOTE: Mayflies were bad and the smoke/haze terrible.

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