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6/3 Report

We got our guest from Southern Ohio’s second day in this morning. He was supposed to fish today and Sunday, but we scrambled to get him a trip yesterday afternoon and again this morning. We have fished with him before and he understands Erie winds and was very flexible and appreciative to get his days in.

We worked the same area as the last few days west of Rattlesnake. We got our limit early and played some catch and release before scooting back before the winds.

The area is still holding fish but the quality is steadily deteriorating and the sheep are steadily getting worse. This was probably our last trip over there for the year and we will start moving east. I am surprised it held up this long.

See our previous report for the program we are using as it has not changed.

We hope to get one more trip in Monday before some scheduled time off for family festivities will keep us ashore for a few days.

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