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7/10 report

Sorry for the delay in reporting but you will see why. We had 2 supper fun couples from Southern Ohio and it was there first time Walleyeing.

We headed NE of Cedar Point to 40 ft of water to where we were catching before and ran the same program of Bandits to the Port and spoons to the Stbd and on the riggers. The Bandits back 100 to 120 started getting hit immediately and it wasn’t long until we were running Bandits Port and Spros Stbd and both were steadily working.
Spoons took a few keepers on the riggers but we had to swap Scorpions for Stingers to minimize shorts.

It was one of those magical days on Erie, weather was wonderful and the fish were biting. We were quickly filling the box trolling at 2.2 to 2.4 on the fish hawk. Then all excitement broke loose, every rod was popping. We had 3 on the floor, one in the net, and 2 more rods back.

Best colors were anything green.

Like they say, it is all fun and games until someone gets a hook in their hand. And it was deep. We had 24 nice eyes with 4 over 25, biggest was 27. not too many shorts, 3 sheep, and 1 white perch before going to the ER for hook removal. They said we were the 3rd that day.

We took today off and are watching the wind close and will decide on tomorrow in the morning. They want to fish again. They think it is always as easy as yesterday, lol.

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