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7/29 & 7/31 Perch

Tried going out to Green Island on 7/29 but the waves out west were much worse than the forecast predicted. We didn’t even anchor since we saw the headboats pulling up anchor right as we arrived. We ended up following two headboats to the east side of PIB, right off Perry’s Monument. We got 42 perch, most fish were 8.5-9 inches with a handful of 10 inchers mixed in. I was surprised we didn’t catch more based on our marks, still a fun day though!

We headed out to G can today (7/31). The second we got our lines in the water, we caught perch. It was a steady pick and we got our limit of 60 perch in 3.5 hours. Fish were a little smaller (nearly all 8.5 inches, nothing bigger than 9.5 inches) than Saturday. Great day on the water!

We used crappie rigs with frozen emerald shiners from Herb’s Sportsman’s Supply both days.

Good luck out there!

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