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8/11 report

Great day of perching. We had 2 sets of guests for morning and afternoon trips. This morning we caught 120 on a mix of emeralds, goldies, and some small Arkansas shiners from Highway Baits. Those little Arkansas were the best. They are no more than an inch in size but silver like an emerald. We used mostly fly rigs in green this morning south of Kelly’s.

In the afternoon the wind started picking up and we moved west with our new guests to the lee of S Bass. We switched to crappie rigs and upped the weight from 1/2 to a full ounce. We dodged the rain and at times set it out waiting for the worst to pass. But our afternoon guests also got their limit of 90. We used the little Arkansas and emeralds cut in thirds or fourths. They defiantly preferred a small bait.

We are of tomorrow due to wind but hope to be back chasing Walleye Sunday with guests from southern Ohio.

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