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8/1123 report

Daughter and I both got our limit before 9am straight out of Fenwick in 23 fow. N41.67516, W083.13626. Marked some specs on bottom there and anchored and never moved.
We used 8# mono on cheap rods. 1 oz weights. Spreader with no bling and snells with #6 gold aberdeens. Emerald shiners from A&J.
Lots of doubles. Only two “white perch” or whatever those things are. We sorted until we ran out of bait around 10am. The bite was still strong when we left. By the time we left there were 50 other boats there. Very enjoyable morning.
I will say that we caught some of our biggest perch on just left over pieces of minnows. Eg., just a mutilated head, or a mutilated body with no head. Maybe this was an exceptional bite, but I don’t see how it matters what kind of shiner you use. There was no way to tell these were emerald pieces versus any other variety.
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