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8/3 report

We just got back today from a nice vacation down south (except it was way too hot). I didn’t see much in the way of Walleye reports, mostly Perch on here. Nice to see the Perch are strong this year.

We decided to go out this afternoon for a few hours to try to find some eyes and put together a program for guests we have scheduled next week. We launched out of Huron. The river is muddy and there is allot of wood around the launch and out the channel. We headed NNE and tried several spots. There are allot of fish out there with the more consistent bite the farther North we went.

Other than getting hammered by white bass at several stops the Walleye bite was slow and steady. It was 1:00 – 5:00PM in the afternoon. All eyes came deep, 30 to 35 down over 45 to 50 ft of water. Best speed was 3 mph on the fish hawk. Spoons were most productive in every color but we had to avoid white and chrome because of the white bass – they were eating them up. Perch with a gold back was best.

Bigger fish came on Super Rogues. Best Rogue colors were Nascar and Gold with Red head.

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