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After work quickie

Ran out for about three hours after work today from the Sandusky bay and headed to the dumping grounds SE of Kelly’s. Got one nice one and three eaters. Only one on a bandit, Rotten Fruit at 90 back. Everything else was on dipseys with perch MI Stingers ranging from 30 to 45 out. Marking a fair amount of fish but hard to find what they’re interested in. Only a couple other boats out tonight.

My wife an I went out Sunday morning (didn’t report) from about 8-1 and worked hard to get three keepers. Threw a few back, a schosh over 15 back for safety. Tried everything but the kitchen sink (my mother-in-law had that lure- RIP Doris from the Walleye Mamas) with only a little luck. A few sheeps and white perch and a dozen shorts. That was a frustrating day.

Most reports are about the same lately, for walleye anyway. Working hard and not catching many. Seems some people are getting perch. Saw Juls report.

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