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Casting report

Went out solo at 7am from east harbor. Played around by mouse island reef for 30 minutes and got 1 12 inch perch on a weapon but only sheephead otherwise. Headed north to a point about halfway between the north end of Kelly’s and the monument. Lots of Mark’s but only caught undersized ones. I saw some boats up at the border and went up there. Nada. Saw a few trollers get a few eaters but it was dead. Headed back toward Kelly’s about a mile out and just for giggles tied a reef runner on. If you don’t know… they are similar to an erie dearie but haven’t been made in 20 years but are all over flea markets and yard sales. Picked up 1 eater 17 inch fish on that and half a dozen more perch all about 11 inches plus a few more short fish.

I did see casters get a few and I thought about trolling but I have a fairly big boat that needs 2 bags out to slow to trolling speed and I just didn’t feel like rigging all of it up today for just me. It’s a lot of stuff to put in the water and mind solo.

I see lots of reports of guys getting the odd big perch this year and I was on a school of them. Wish I had had minnows.

Still 7 jumbo perch and one eye isn’t anything to cry over and I had fun.

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