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Huron 2/11

Great day on the lake yesterday. Bandits blue chrome 20/20 at 1.1 to 1.3 was the ticket to 15 nice walleye. We kept 12 and released the others. When the bite slowed, I set the auto pilot to s-turns and it triggered bites. 5 star day on the lake!

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Ohio Fishing Expo – Columbus, next weekend

Just a reminder that this weekend, February 10-12, is the Columbus show of the National Fishing Expos. For those who haven’t been, it’s a nice break from “cabin fever” with hundreds of vendors covering everything fishing as well as other items, and talks and seminars about all kinds of Ohio and elsewhere fishing, including Lake Erie.

About | National Fishing Expos – Columbus

Even though the Lake has a lot of ice on it right now, all jumbled up, forecast says no to any Lake ice fishing as it warms back up with no long stretch of cold in the future forecast. So no open water fishing and no ice fishing for probably at least three weeks to a month. The show will be a nice alternative!


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Pre Spawn & Spawn

Hi all. I simply cannot wait to get out this spring. So many if you all are pros and/or have tons of experience so I have to ask. I only come in to fish a few times per year, maybe 3-5 trips. I usually do May through July with pretty fair luck on great eater fish. Wondered how early you have luck on the big fish in April trolling stickbaits?
I have been once towards the end of April and caught a couple big ones but they were already spawned out in 45 degree water. I read they start around 40 degrees? I’d like to try earlier even if I release them pre-spawn. I also assume they are generally shallower then and over humps vs. out in the flats? I know the jig fisherman don’t like the trolling pressure so I would stay away and be respectful of that. I primarily fish out of Catawba.

Thanks very much to you all as I have really learned a lot from this site. I don’t want to steal spots or fish in the pack but the general speeds and colors sure are helpful 🙂
Cheers to a safe and fun 2023!

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Precision Trolling

Well I just got the App and I hope it helps me while out on the lake. I think the more info I have the better it is. At the very least I will know how deep the lures are running and will be able to get them down to the fish. My next investment will be to spend a day with Juls to tie it all together.