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CharterCam webcam starts Saturday

The CharterCam live charter fishing boat webcam should start the 2024 season Saturday morning, the next charter. Boat should be out nearly every day afterward (weather dependent). It’s on my Lake Erie web site:

Lake Erie Live Webcam Webcams Web Cam

I will also be live streaming from my boat when I’m out fishing, nearly every weekend and a few weekdays (weekdays will mostly be Friday evenings and around holidays). I plan to help fisherfolks by getting out early and locating walleye. Once I find active fish, I’ll post the spot and then go looking other places for them. Try to find more than one location for people to fish. That stream is at the bottom of the fishing report page. It could change when I get a chance to update the web site.

I will be continuing my citizen scientist underwater camera project as well as doing a lot of experimentation with the Garmin Livescope sonar. Testing how to use it on Lake Erie to find and identify walleye as well as other fish and see how it can be used to increase catch rates.

Also, if anyone needs a ride out fishing, occasionally I may have a spot. Let me know. And, I’m interested in using the livescope (it’s a portable system) during trolling. I don’t troll, so if anyone has an interest in taking me along when you troll, I’d love to test out the livescope to see how it may be used to improve trolling success.

Everything I’m doing will be updated on the web site as time permits.

If anyone has an interest in any of this, send me a personal message.

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