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Conquest July 5th

Maylfies, high blue skies, variable winds, sparce reports and no recent voyages dimmed the prognosis conveyed to an anxious rooky walleye fisherman on respite from two young boys he has been raising alone. At 6:15 the 250 maneuvered the familiar route past numerous limp ” Old Glorys’ ” through West Harbor. An immediate right out the channels mouth traversed us south of casters on a glassy Middle Harbor Reef an open hazy horizon drew us past a now silent vacationland until boats were spotted initiating and educated 90* turn north in search of marks that the fisherman in the distance had most likely visited recently. 7 miles off mainland, 4 miles east of Kellys’ Dipseys dialed to 2 back 55-65 fallowed by spoons, boarded 40 Trus’ released to 45-65fashioned the same, unassisted Bandits behind boards back 90-100 all deployed at 2.6 mph. Just enough breeze aided the 4 stroke Whaler north unassisted North past drifters and trollers corralling assumed eaters as immediate action perused and the occasional net was flagged indicating success. 4 miles of line checking, real time training produced seven keepers as many juniors and a hand full of other beasts. The track was duplicated three times after brief runs south through the delicious morning air to cull the trips quota releasing as many shorts with few junk to enabling the crew to meet a predetermined noon reunion of pool craving kids with their new walleye enthusiast dad. MadMo Roys’ spoons, Blueberry Muffin stingers, Blue Chrome & Redhead Wonderbread Bandits with few swaps were best at original settings.
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