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Draggin’ the Line with John

We fished yesterday 7/1 east of pelee with John and Terry.Was a tough bite for us.The harnesses and spoon harness that had been catching didn’t do much for us and we must have lost 8 fish half way to the boat.The bandits actually were catching the best so we added a couple flicker minnows to our set to catch a few more.The keepers weren’t very big either.Our 14 weighed 27 lbs.Had the bandits at 120-80 and caught a few on J7 on our 2 dipseys on a 3 setting.Had speed between 1.8 to 2.5 but most fish came at around 2.3 mph.Maybe 5 shorts and 2 sheep too.Missed the rain but the flies were driving John crazy.Terry and I had long pants on and we were fine but John refuses to wear long pants and paid the price.
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