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Draggin The Line with John

John and i fished Sunday from 8-2pm. Ended up with 7 nice fish that weighed 23lbs at cleaners.Biggest was 25″. We started off Lucys point and caught two during first hour then got only one more next 3hrs.Were trolling bandits with and without sinkers.Around 1030 we decided had enough of the poor bite and building waves. Made the run south to hide behind kellies and joined around another 40 boats doing the same thing.Marks and water clarity were not as good as where we started but put our gear out and trolled west.The further west we got had better marks but dirtier water. About 12-18″ of clarity. I put on a pooh bear purple due to poor clarity and actually caught on that color with a 20/2oz and 40 more for total of 60. We eventually headed into american eagle and caught 2 more on puple and last one on taco salad.Speed was around 2.0mph.
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