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Draggin’ the Line with John 8/3

Finally made the long run to Lorain on Thursday with hopes of getting better size fish.Think we were a week or two late to the party.Founf a small pack of boats at sunrise and saw good marks and set up our lines.Ran 4 dipseys and 4 boards.Started off well getting 4 keepers in first 40 min then it slowed way down.Was catching shorts and a lot of white perch/bass.Only had 8 fish after 4hrs.And some areas the white fish were ridiculous.Finally picked up and ran north to deeper water.Found some good marks and started catching keepers.Took us 2hrs to catch 10 more and only one short and no white perch.Speed was around 2.3 mph with the dipseys catching almost all our fish.Had double willow harnesses on 3/80-90 and J7 on our other 2 dipseys at 1/60 and 65 catching best.Had 2 cranks on boards first 4 hrs and got zip.Chanhed those cranks to another setup of 50/2oz/100 more for total of 150 and they caught a couple fish.Had worm harnesses on other two boards with 3 oz weight and they only caught a couple at 80 ft lead.Got 18/42lbs at cleaners and had a long line of perch ahead of us at cleaners too.
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