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Draggin’ the Line with John and DD

Went out fishing with John yesterday and my girlfriend was able to go with us for a change.Had not fished with John in almost a month due to him getting his new boat repaired.Coming back from put in Bay memorial weekend he hit the CIC wall and damaged the stern corner.Started out at Lucy point thanks to Billy Boy’s post…thanks and marked alot of fish.The ride out was beautiful, with a gorgeous sunrise and a flat lake.DD sat in the copilot seat and enjoyed the fast non bumpy ride.Set out 4 dipsies and 2 boards and headed north.Was picking up fish right away but they were mostly shorts and barely legal.We trolled into Canada and turned around about half way into Pelee after bite slowed.Then started catching some sheep and a 10# cat.After 90 min had 7 in box then decided to head east where we drove past last week.Marked alot of fish a few miles east of Kelly’s Island shoal but there were too many nets a too rough to fish thestre.Today with Canadian licences we could fish north of those nets.There were good marks but mostly on the bottom of 39-42 fow.Set up and got better fish with hardly any shorts.Got the rest of our fish in another 3.5 hrs so 18/33 lbs at cleaners.Speed was around 2.7 mph and had two green spoon harness on dipsey 3 setting at 85 and 80 and double willow harness on 1 setting at 60 and 65.Wad a gold bandits on a board that caught 1 fish and a harness on a tru trip that caught one also.But almost everything on the dipseys.The midges were terrible without any wind and after John spend a whole day cleaning the boat after the repair, the midges trashed the boat.Going over there now to help him clean the boat.
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