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Draggin the Line with John and family

We fished west of Kelly’s Thursday, Friday and Saturday.Got quick 2,3 and 4 man limits.Our 54 fish weighed 116lbs at cleaners.Did some sorting when had needed fewer fish.Still not much junk and a bunch of aggressive fish around 15-17″.Ran 6 lines all 3 days.Ran 4 bandits on inlines and dipseys with J7s.Had the bandits at 80 with green/cranberry color two of the days but didn’t work on Friday.Had blue chrome bandits at 60 catching better fish Thursday and Friday.Had the two dipseys #3 @ 35-50 depending on the depth.Biggest was 26″ fish yesterday on the dipsey.Dr John had a treble bury in his hand yesterday.Told him not to put hand into net.Always use the grippers to get the fish out first then get the hook out with pliers.Two of the hooks were in and couldn’t be pushed thru.His son,a dentist also, had his emergency kit with him luckily.He numbed up his hand with lidocaine and handed John a scalpel and John cut the hooks out.He even said had no pain last night.Speed was around 2.1-2.3 mph.Was trolling Thursday parallel with another boat about 100yds away when a charter with big boards was headed toward us.Instead of headed to either side of us he decided to troll between us.I had to scramble to reel in my outside and inside boards to clear his big boards then watch his board barely clear my dipseys.I yelled and he yelled back.Didnt get the name on the boat.Must have been a rookie charter.
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