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Erie Report

Sorry for the belated report. Still getting caught up. I had my cousins, my uncle and one of my cousin’s buddies in town from SD last week. We fished Erie for 5 days and the Detroit River for 2 days. Got our limits and then some every day but one.

We launched from the MI side and fished the shallows over rocky flats in 12-16 fow. 25-35 back was our best leads.

Best patterns for the week were:

Blue and Chartreuse – Most consistent pattern all week
Fermi-Nuff – The regular one was good when cloudy, but the chrome one was awesome in high sun.
Purple Passion – Both of them were good, but the white one was on fire the first two days.

We had many fish over 7 lbs and most of those big ones went back. The first fish of the trip was almost 11 lbs. Not a bad way to start.

In the river on Monday, we struggled to catch any decent ones. We were out during the eclipse, which was odd. It looked like a huge storm was coming and then it got sunny again. Tuesday on the river we did much better. I caught 26 walleyes myself and between the two boats we had over 60 keepers, plus lots of dinks. The CAN side had all the good ones.

On Wednesday, we went back to Erie and the water had cleaned up a ton. That day, the best patterns were:

Dottin’ Eyes
Blue and Chartreuse Chrome
Purple Passion Chrome
Glacier Shad

Water temps were pushing 50 and the best speed was 1.5-1.6. After we caught a limit, we decided to cast blade baits and we caught a few more walleyes doing that, along with some bonus smallies and a huge sheep.



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