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Evening trip

Made a late decision to do a little night fishing. Left the dock just after 7pm. Planned on starting on touisaint but there was still a few boats on the reef so moved up to crib. Started on the east side, marked tons of fish up high in 24 fow so set bandits 30bk @ 2.0 expecting to get bites as we got up on the shallow stuff, but had 6 fish in the box before we even got to the reef. Pulled 2 monster fish Ohio sheep off the top of reef, then pulled gear and ran back to the east because the wind was a little more than it was supposed to be. Reset lines and had our 18 on the second pass before we got back to to reef and back to the ramp by 9:30…never even got to night fish… maybe Sunday night on touisaint with a SE wind? Huff Daddy seemed to get most of the bites
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