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first time on lake Erie report

2 of us made the drive up on Friday to stay at turtle point marina. Was all we needed it had a trailer to sleep in and dock. We had talked to the nice guys next to us that said the big blow Thursday muddied the water bad and we would have to make a long run out to catch fish. So sat morning we ran about 3 miles north east of west sister island allot of boats out there so we had to be in the right spot. Had bandits running unassisted at 140, 120, and 100 on planner boards. Ended up getting a limit by about 10. Since we were up to fish for a few days we kept fishing for fun and to try and learn a few things. The bite was pretty steady all day a little slow from 11 to 3 but we were having fun. Sunday was the same. Then Monday morning we went out for a couple hours and picked up 9 before 9:30 and we called it a trip. Colors didn’t seem to matter much, we tried about all of them. The fish all were about 18-22 inches and caught a hand full 25-27. Thanks to everyone for posting on this site to give us a little confidence making the trip up and the nice guys that stayed next to us for the info.
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