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First time out 5/1/24

My wife and I headed out of a muddy Sandusky bay, as predicted (thanks Juls) towards the dumping grounds. It was still fairly dirty water but we tried a quick troll anyway. Marked some but got nothing. Headed NW up around Kelly’s and made a couple stop and checks on the west side, as am cannot get a decent read while moving fast with my electronics or my abilities. Not sure which. Didn’t see much until I got on the north side of Kelly’s. Boats galore. As we approached we started marking fish so we set up and just kept going back and forth. We caught eight but kept six nice fish. Largest being 26 inches. Got them all on bandits, Sunburst and Monkey puke orange between 60 and 75 feet back on offshore boards maintaining about 2 mph. We tried other bandits but nothing else worked. They cut off around 10-10:30 and decided to head back as the wind was picking up. Overall, we were pleased to get anything.
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