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Fishing Day 1 of 3 with Bob, Tom, and Dave….6/12/24

This morning, I picked up my crew at the White Caps Motel at 4:30, and headed to Vermilion again. We hit the gas station on the way, to pick up some ice for the coolers, and were launched by 5:30.
It was a beautiful sunrise, of reds, yellows, and oranges painting the partly cloudy sky with warm colors. The air temp was 67 degrees, and the wind was out of the SSE at 10 mph.

We headed back to where I was yesterday, which was about 6-7 miles NNE, and set up over 44 feet of water. But, unlike yesterday, where we set up over deeper water, and headed towards shallower water…this time, since there was a wind direction change, we set up over shallower water and headed towards deeper water. I had took note, of the amount of fish the Humminbird was marking on our way back in, yesterday, and found them to still be in the same areas, so we started short of where we were yesterday, and set a heading towards it.

The same program that worked yesterday, worked today, too.

We ran dipsies on the zero, two, and three settings. The two inside dipsies, on the zero settings were set at 54 on the starboard side, and 40 on the port side. The two setting ran on the starboard side at 65 back, and the three setting ran on the port side at 55 back.

Yeck spoons and Scorpion spoons ran off the dipsies and were in constant action.

The starboard side ran Bill Lewis PWC Lites with 2 oz snap weights at 50/80, 50/50, and 50/27 behind Off Shore boards.

The port side could only run two baits behind the boards, due to the rod limitation, of three per angler. So, two Bandits ran at 120 and 80 back, unassisted.

Speed was 2.3-2.5 mph
Water temp was 67 degrees

Stronger SSW winds tomorrow morning, so we will not be going back out that way, and will launch out of Mazurik’s or Dempsey’s…I’m not sure yet.

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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