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Fishing Day 2 with Greg, Dave, and Jeff…April 13, 2023

Left the house at 5:15 and picked my crew up at the White Caps Motel at 5:20. We hit town and gassed up, bought ice, and headed to the ramp to launch.

The first stop was up by Greene island and Rattlesnake. Bandits ran on the starboard side and DHJ12s ran on the port side, behind Off Shore boards.

Bandits were set at 95, 75, 65, 55, and 45 back, and the Huskies were set at 80, 60, 50, 40, and 30 back. Speed was 1.6 on the Fish Hawk and 1.9 on the GPS. The water temp, early this morning, was 44.7 degrees.

We caught one relatively quick on a “FJ Spot” (DJ Custom Eye Lures color) at 65 back, and then one on the Khaki Bandit at 95 back. Then, nothing. The marks were gone already, as we trolled north. Maybe they were south. I don’t know…I didn’t check.

I wasn’t going to waste anymore time there, this time, so we picked up and went looking, but never found anything worth setting up on. There sure is a lot of water out there, and we covered a lot of it this morning…lol

After wasting a lot of gas, I called a friend who told me where he was, and that he was on a good bite, and said I should come there…so, we did. Thanks, friend…you know who you are. 🙂
I’m not going to name you, so you won’t get bombarded with texts.

I will not say where that is, because it’s not my information to give, and I hope you understand…that’s just how I do it. If I find the fish, I can share the info, if I want to, but if someone else gives me the info, I won’t share their info without their permission. I was asked not to share it this time, so I won’t. That’s all I can say about that. Sorry!

So, I guess this will be a short, pretty much non-report, since there’s nothing really to share.

Greg, Dave, and Jeff had a great time (definitely more fun than yesterday), and caught their 3-person limit today. We lost 4 fish that came unbuttoned before we got them to the boat, too. The fish were nice and healthy and a good quality size, so they have a good amount of fish to take back to Wisconsin for their family fish fries.

Tomorrow, I have another 3-person crew from Bismark, ND. They have fished with me in the fall for perch before, so I’m looking forward to doing some trolling with them. They are great guys and another fun, laid back, group to fish with.

The weather tomorrow should be very nice, with light winds out of the south, and more sunshine in the forecast.

PSA: Don’t forget to use your sunscreen and protect your skin! 🙂

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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