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Fishing with Bruce, David, and Dan….10/30/2022

I woke up early this morning, and looked at the glowing numbers on the alarm clock. It read “3:20″AM, or so I thought. After getting up, feeding the pup, and drinking two cups of coffee, I glanced at the kitchen clock, to see how much time I had left before my crew showed up, here at the house. The clock read, “2:30AM”. Wait…WHAT? I was so confused. I woke up way too early, and knew it was going to be a very long day. lol

Since my crew wasn’t supposed to be here until 6:45 I decided to go gas up the Vexus at the gas station down the road from me, and get ice in the cooler, before they showed up. It would save us a stop on the way to Dempsey’s, where we planned on launching this morning. Huron was a zoo yesterday morning, and Dempsey’s was empty this morning. What a difference! No pressure and much more relaxed.

Bruce, and his sons David and Dan showed up 15 minutes early, so we hit the road and got to Dempsey’s a little before 7AM. There was hanging fog above the road, but it didn’t interfere with driving at all, and I was keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t be on the lake, either. I was happy to see, that when we got to the ramp there wasn’t any fog on the lake.

The sky was clear this morning, so the horizon was starting to lighten up pretty fast. Sunrise wouldn’t be for another hour, but it was light enough to head out. The navigation lights were turned on, and the motor was warmed up first, then, off we went. The air temp was a touch warmer than yesterday’s chilly 39 degrees, but I didn’t look at the actual temperature this morning.

I headed back to where I was yesterday, which was about 11 miles out of Huron. It was also 11 miles from the channel marker at Cedar Point, just from a different angle, so the ride was about the same. Again, there were ENE rollers coming in, so we didn’t go very fast getting out there.

The program was the same as yesterday’s program (copy pasted here, so I don’t have to type it all again…with a little more added…I’m tired…lol)

Bandits were my choice of bait this morning, because they’ve been my go-to bait for several years now. Knowing that white colors produce best in the fall, I opted to start with a few in the mix.
The stock color called, “Daydream”, was set behind the Off Shore board on the starboard side, on the outside, at 120 back, unassisted.
Next to the outside board, was a “Slim Shady Custom” called, “Glacier Shad”… at 97 back, unassisted.
The second board pulled a “DJ Custom” called, “RC Crush”, at 75 back, and the inside Bandit was another “Daydream” at 45 back initially, but later set to 75 back when the spread was changed to 120, 107, 97, and 75 back unassisted. Today though, as the morning progressed, we set the unassisted side to 120, 110, 97, and 85 back.

On the port side, we set up using 2 oz Guppie weights at the 35 mark, instead of the usual 50 back, and set up his spread at 35/35, 35/50, 35/60, and 35/80. Colors were the following…
Green Lantern (w/red chin) Another Slim Shady Custom
And…. another Daydream. 🙂
Everything listed above caught fish, with the Daydream running at 120 unassisted, and 35/65 w/2oz, catching the most.

Speed varied…as slow as 1.4 to as fast as 2.1mph. Water temp today was 51.9 degrees over 45 feet of water.

My crew are avid fishermen, but life got in the way, and they hadn’t been walleye fishing together, in at least 10 years, I was told. They did a great job picking back up on the lingo, and were working like a well oiled machine by the time we had our 24 fish in the cooler. They had never used inline planer boards before, so that was new to them, but they did a great job, and were setting them out like the pros. 🙂

They want to come back in the spring, next season, so that makes me happy!

I’m off tomorrow, but will be back out walleye fishing with Frank Smith and his friend on Tuesday.

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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