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Fishing with Capt Ryan and Capt Sam 2/19/2024

This will be short, since I can’t share much info with you. What I can tell you is that we were east, and over 40 feet of water, running P-10s with 2oz at 35/35, 40/40 in a bunch of colors. White bodied baits with colors, did well, as did the natural colored baits. Color didn’t seem to matter though. They were hungry!

Speed was 1.4-1.6mph

While we were setting the Off Shore boards out, initially, we were running at 2.0mph, to get them out fast… and caught three fish! Go figure. I didn’t see a water temp on his electronics…sorry…but, it’s still very cold. 🙂

We had doubles, triples, quads, and at one point, had 7 on at the same time! What a hoot!

It was a much needed therapy, to be able to fish out of a boat, in the middle of February.

I don’t have anything scheduled until the last weekend in March right now, but if it stays ice free out there, and the ramps don’t freeze up, I’ll start running earlier.
I just have to do a shakedown run with my boat first, to make sure everything is still working the way it should be, before I take customers out. 🙂

Stay tuned…

Capt Juls

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