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Fishing with Dave and Danielle….5/8/2024

I forgot to set the alarm last night, but thankfully, I woke up at 3:15. I only lost 15 minutes of routine, so it wasn’t too bad. By now, those of you who follow me, know my routine. If you don’t, it’s me going out on the back deck with my coffee, my dog Alfie, and my two weird cats. This is where I get the morning’s weather, in real-time. Then, I look at the wind and weather apps, to see what lays in store for the morning’s trip.

All the wind apps were showing different conditions, but I trust iWindSurf the most, out of all of them, and decided it was going to be a fishable morning. My neighbors, Dave and Danielle, were going with me, this time. This trip was set up months ago, for Dave’s birthday, by Danielle, so I wanted to get it in. Today, is Dave’s birthday, and I didn’t want to disappoint, since they both took off of work, to do this trip.

I told Danielle, last night, “I’ll text you at 4am to let you know if it’s a “go”, or not.” And, because, the apps were all different, it took me 45 minutes to decide which one to believe, and what time we should launch… but, at 4:00 I sent her a text saying, “We’ll leave at 5:30”.

The forecast was for a WSW wind from 10-13 w/gusts to 20. Very fishable, but Catawba was out of the equation, for launching.
A SW wind blows right into the docks, making loading and launching a little more uncomfortable, there. I don’t want scratches on my boat, if I can help it.

We headed to Mazurik’s, after hitting the gas station for gas and ice, and arrived at 6am. By 6:15 we were in the water, waiting a few minutes, for the 400 to warm up. Once she was up to temp, we headed north, to the line.
It was unfortunate, that I only found very clean water, with no fish marks showing up on the electronics, up there.

I didn’t even come off plane, before turning the boat and heading around to the other side of the islands. Down, around Sugar Island, through the pass between the underwater wall (between Middle Bass and Rattlesnake)…and, Rattlesnake Island.

The fog was pretty thick, up in the “Triangle”, so I stopped and put my navigation light in, (back on the transom), and turned them all on.
I was just about to start moving again, when Danielle said, “There’s a boat right there”, pointing out of the port side of the boat.
He didn’t have any lights on, and was going too fast for conditions… and would have hit us, had I not stopped to put the navigational lights on.
The fish will be there when you get there…..slow down, when it’s foggy, you might kill someone! Just say’n…grrrrr

Anyway….there were very scattered marks from the west end of Rattlesnake to the north side of Green. We kept heading west at a slow speed, and eventually, we ended up over by the “outside cans”. The fog was lifting, so we could start to see the land masses, and that made Danielle happy. The sun was trying to burn the fog off, too.

The Humminbird started showing some fish. The water was a nice mixing color. More stained, than the clean water to the north, but not chocolatey, either. I was headed to the edge of the chocolatey color, when the fish marks showed up.
I turned the boat, shut the motor off…deployed the Terrova, and the baby Merc, and set a course to the south….then, SW.

Bandits, out behind Off Shore boards, at 120, 110, 100, 80, and 60 back started the morning off. Along with a dipsey, on the zero setting, off each corner. The port side ran at 28 and the starboard side ran at 31.

Water temp was 58 something degrees
Speed was 2.0-2.3 mph on the FishHawk, and 2.3 to 2.6 SOG

Every now and then we would hit a current seam, and the FishHawk would show a drop to 1.4-1.6mph when the SOG was still at at 2.4 mph. They seemed to be skinny seams, because by the time I was done adjusting the speed, it would change back again, and we would be going too fast.

The fish definitely liked us going into the waves, rather than with them, this morning. It was a 60:40 split, with the spoons on the dipsies doing better than the cranks. The largest fish came on a spoon, too.

Well, this is long enough, and my dog keeps shoving a ball in my elbow, so it’s time to go play with him. Dave and Danielle said they had a great time, and that makes me happy! Happy birthday, Dave! 🙂

Tomorrow’s trip, is cancelled, due to the wind forecast. Ex PWT/FLW walleye pro David Kraft, set this trip up with his wife, as part of their adventure here. They came to town, from far away, like many do, to see the bird migration that happens in this area. The fishing trip was just an added highlight, but instead, we will meet for breakfast, and do some catching up. And, that makes me happy, too!

Next trip out if Friday, weather permitting.

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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