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Fishing with Dick and Brad 6/15/2023

Fishing with Dick and Brad … 6/15/2023

I’m tired today, and I’m having a little trouble being motivated to write this report, so I’ll just keep it short and give the details of what we used and what caught fish.

Dick and Brad are a couple of my regular clients, that fish with me a couple of times a year. They met me at Mazurik’s at 5:15, and we launched at 5:30. We headed north to the waters east of Ballast Island, trolling north, towards Lucy’s point.

There were fish marks on the Helix, but there were also the marks of a decent sized Mayfly hatch emerging from the mud and rising to the surface.

We set up with two Off Shore boards off each side, along with two dipsies off each corner set on the zero and three settings. The dipsies were set to the usual starting numbers of 30 and 35 on the zero setting and 43 and 47 on the three settings.

Two Bandits ran on the starboard side, behind the boards at 90 (Sun Spot) and 70 (Chrome Pink Panties) back. Two Reef Runner Mag 44s ran on the port side at 50 back…one blue/chrome, and the other the black/gold.

The dipsies were catching fish, and the first one came before we got the second rod out. It was only 16 inches, though, but big enough to go in the cooler. Most of the fish caught on the dipsies were smaller fish…many were from last year’s hatch, so not very big. Some were even from this year’s hatch and only 4 inches long…so freak’n cute. They all got a kiss on their boo-boo, before being sent home to grow bigger.

The Sun Spot Bandit caught a nice one at 90 back (BTW: all the fish caught on cranks today were the bigger ones in the cooler).

After seeing the Mayfly hatch coming up, I decided to make a run to the east, and ended up setting up about 4–5 miles east of Middle Island. (From the reports I’m reading on Facebook, I should have kept going east…lol)

This time, the Mag 44s were taken off, and all Bandits were used behind the boards. Red Headed Wonder Bread at 80 back caught, as did one that I don’t know the name of, but I can best describe it as IB Frozen with a black spot behind the gill. That one caught a couple with a 2oz snap weight at 50/40 (total of 90 back).

Spoon colors that worked are the Red Head Wonder Bread Scorpion, Blueberry Muffin Yeck, Blue/Silver Hammered Scorpions, and one Scorpion that Dick thought was called, “Monkey Puke”…but, after looking it up just now, it’s called, “Frankenberry” .

We were in deeper water out there, east of the island, over 41–43 feet, so the dipsey settings were changed, and we caught fish on the 43 and 50 back on the zero setting, and 65 and 80 back on the three settings.

Speed was 2.1-2.5mph per the Fish Hawk…which was 2.4-2.8 GPS.

Water temp out there was 66 degrees.

Dick and Brad were happy with their trip, and are looking forward to their next one….as am I. 🙂

I’ve rescheduled tomorrow’s client, because he’s one of my regulars, who always brings along different people. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for rain showers in the AM along with NNW winds, so we opted to change it to a day with better conditions for his crew.

I’ll be back out Saturday, with someone who will be my oldest customer to date…he’s 97 years old… his daughter wanted to give him a fishing trip, so it’s just him and her.

Stay tuned…

Capt Juls

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