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Fishing with Gene, Andy, and Drake… 8/29/2023

“Grandpa” Gene, his son, Andy, and his grandson, Drake (Andy’s nephew) came up from the Cincinnati area, and had signed up for a walleye trip, but due to conditions after the recent storms, and the distance to the walleye that were available, we decided to do a perch trip instead. The storms had ripped up shoreline weeds and mats of floating grass were all over the island area, which would be a pain in the butt, trying to troll the area, so that was a major factor in the decision.

We launched out of Catawba at 6:30 and headed north.

My original plan was to hit the north side of North Bass, to check for those bigger perch, but word from another Captain said to go to D Can, so that’s where we started. The marks were really good, but we couldn’t get them going and left after an hour and half, with only 8 in the cooler. At that point I should have stuck to my gut, and went further north, but didn’t, and went to known producing spots, instead.

I went back to the area between Rattle Snake and Green first, where I had done well in previous trips, and again…there were really good marks, but a poor bite. It seemed like every time I found a good pod, and set the Spot Lock on the trolling motor, the screen went blank. They would come and go, but when they came through, we could only get one or two at a time, so it was very slow and agonizing for me. It was very frustrating.

I told them, that if the bite turned on later in the morning, that I would keep them out, if they wanted, but Grandpa said, “No, that’s okay, we’ll head back around 11:30-12 O’Clock, if that’s okay, we need to get back”, and I said, “Of course”.

We tried 5 different spots on our way back towards Catawba, with the same experience in each spot. The best spot was where I have been several times SSW of Green in 28′ of water.

Andy was doing better than Grandpa Gene and Drake, who would only catch a couple, each, while he and I caught the rest. We were allowed 120, but only ended up with only 24 for our efforts.

It was just one of those humbling days. I’m guessing that the full moon, and the clear sky at night, didn’t help matters, and that the fish probably turned on mid to late afternoon…but, that doesn’t help when your trips are scheduled in the morning.

They were patient, and stayed positive, so that helped….and, it was a good time in the boat, even though the bite was poor. Gene said he still wants to come back to do walleye, so I told him the best time to come back this fall. He’s looking forward to that, and so am I.

On a personal side note… Several times, when Gene would turn his head a certain way, he looked just like my Dad, who I lost in May 2022, so it made me smile and warmed my heart. It was like I was fishing with my Dad again. 🙂

I don’t have any trips scheduled from now until September 6th/7th, so it might be awhile before I’m blogging again, unless I get a trip before that. Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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