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Getting the Gremlins out of the Boat…Finally, Ready to Go! :)

I had been trying to fish this past week, both on Tuesday and Thursday, to make sure everything was working before I started running any trips, but equipment gremlins kept me from fishing, either day.

Long story short…. Dan, at Fisherman’s Central, got my Minn-Kota and Humminbird working again, so I was good to go this morning.

Jen and I launched out of Dempsey’s at 9am and headed out to the lake to see if we could find some clean water. With the offshore winds the past two days, I figured all the mud that had been closer to shore would have blown out to mix with the cleaner water to the NNE, so we headed north, in search of the right mixing water.

Last night’s gusty winds had subsided to a light wind out of the north, by 9am, so the ride out wasn’t that bad.

We ended up starting at the 39/32 line, and set up on a WNW to ESE trolling pass, to a north to south pass.

Water temp was 39.4 degrees up there on the line, and only 36.9 in the south passage.

I set the speed to 1.2mph on the gps, and got the lines in the water. Jen ran Bandits on her side, with an RC Crush at 110 on the outside Off Shore board, Daydream Bandit at 65 on the middle board, and a Red Headed Wonder Bread Bandit on the inside board with a 2oz snap weight, set at 50/40.

My side ran the “Christmas Tree” “Bill Lewis Precise Walleye Crank” at 65 back on the middle board, and the Black Headed Chrome Wonder Bread, 30 back, on the inside board. The outside board ran a custom color from DJ’s Custom Eye Lures called, “FJ Spot” at 80 back.

After the baits were in the water, I proceeded to set up the “Fish Hawk” unit. Once it was up and running, I noticed that I had to be going 1.6mph (SOG) to have the baits swimming at 1.1mph, down below. That’s a big difference!

We only caught two walleye, before heading back in at noon. One nice 6ish pounder came on the Red Headed Wonder Bread at 50/40 2oz, and a nice eater bit the RC Crush at 110 back, unassisted.

I got the peace of mind, to know that everything is working in the boat again, as it should be. So, now, I just need Mother Nature to back off and get her act together, so I can get back to work. Several days may get rescheduled this week.

Stay tuned….

Capt Juls

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