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Going to give it another run

I put my 18ft deep v on lake Erie for the first time last year, and thanks to all the help from this forum, I had a great experience. Was planning on going some more last year, but I moved and took some time to sell old house so didn’t get a whole lot of fishing done. This year I am planning on giving it another go. Last year I had two buddies with me that were pretty good fishermen. This year my first trip will be in early June, and I’m taking my daughter, my brother, and his son. They are nowhere close to the fisherman I had with me last year, so this could take a little more work on my part. Anyway, this year I was planning on staying in Port Clinton. Last year I launched out of Catawba. Is there a good boat launch close to Port Clinton that I could launch from? What would be my best choice? Again any help is much appreciated.
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