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Huron 12-24-2023

It was a slow pick today. We managed a two person limit, but we fished from 8:15 am to 1:30pm to get them. We had several fish that bit, but didn’t stay hooked up. Found fish about 2.8 miles NE of the lighthouse in 32-35 fow. Marked lots of fish deep but had our best luck getting the ones around 18-20 ft down to bite. Best trolling speeds were around 1.5 mph and we use a variety of lures. Boated a few with Madeye Minnow in Icy Barbie color, a few on a Gold/Orange Berkley Hit Stick on 2 colors of lead core, and several on PWC custom with yellow belly and dots on the side. The average size was around 22″ and we released a 28″ mama. It was a beautiful, calm, Christmas Eve day on the water, even with the fog. We are truly blessed to be able to enjoy this fishery. Merry Christmas everyone.
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