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Huron report

JohnN invited me to fish with him out of Huron public launch this morning. The north dock has been removed, the south dock is still in. I had my box of lures to pick out on the port side, while John had his to pick out and choose depths on the starboard side.

We fished mostly Bandits in 30 – 36 f.o.w., from 55 – 80 back, @ 1.5 m.p.h. As the bite slowed, we made a few turns, changed a few colors and ran them a little further back or added 2 oz. weights, then decided to change course to mark more fish. Finished before noon with a dozen nice size walleye, Each of us had an Orange Crush working well the latter part of the morning, as we exchanged lot of ideas and tactics to make this a memorable outing for 2 followers of W.L.E. Fishing Reports.

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